Our outstanding product design and development team have created and released multiple software products in order to support and complement the datacasting technology.

These include the Extractor software for unpacking  the bundles of transmitted satellite data; File Viewer application for convenient offline browsing of the extracted content; and a Content Management System which facilitates content curation for distribution via satellite data channel. 


Extractor Software

Extractor software facilitates data transfer in satellite datacasting technology by enabling users to decode satellite TS stream and extract the embedded digital files. It features automatic detection of the video stream in the flash drive, auto update with video stream extraction, the option to delete the recorded video stream after extracting the files and option to open the File Viewer application upon finishing the extraction in PC.

Extractor software has been released for Windows and Android operating systems, and is available in English, Persian, Arabic, and Spanish language. Free download is available at the following links:

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File Viewer Application is an offline browsing platform designed to provides a convenient file browsing experience for the satellite data receivers. The platform provides features such as categorizing data based on content and publisher; filtering by file type; sorting by date, name, file size and subject category; and searching for specific files by keyword. Users can access the data packages through viewer platform to read, watch, or listen to the files.

  • Searchable, Sortable
  • Filter by: subject category, publisher, file type
  • Files can be read, viewed and played
  • Bookmark and favorite files
  • Library management: delete, move, share

Future versions of the file viewer application will include key features such as bookmarking and favoriting files, saving the viewing progress, and P2P sharing- all with tremendous potential in course management and other educational applications.

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for Curated Data Packages

OzApp, is an internal CMS that facilitates content curation for daily satellite packages, efficient archiving and analytics reporting. Our Toosheh Channel content team currently uses OzApp for content discovery, automated download, and bundling of daily content packages. OzApp also generates  key analytics data and reports.. The file metadata generated by OzApp is used for content categorization in the File Viewer Application. OzApp features include:

  • A complete database of past content
  • Avoid duplicate files
  • Easy file discovery
  • Automated download
  • Content packaging for satellite bundles
  • Metadata generation for File Viewer software
  • Key analytics
  • Simplifying publishers’ file contribution

The next for OzApp is to expand permission system to allow crowdsourcing features and direct content contribution by our partner publishers.