What is File-Casting?


File-Castingis a data transfer technology that requires no hardware other than the conventional home FTA (Free To Air)TV satellite or Digital Terrestrial TV satellite set-up box. Using this technology, we embed digital data such as web content and ebooks in a standard TV stream and send it over a TV broadcast channel. The files are then recovered at the receiving end by recording the satellite TV stream and using our free Extractor software to extract the embedded files and view on mobile or PC.

A schematic diagram of File-Casting technology

A schematic diagram of File-Casting technology


Fast and Reliable

With a minimum data transfer rate of 1Mbps,File-Casting allows the transfer of tens of GigaBytes of digital data per day

100 Times Faster Than any Available Comparable Technology!



What Users Need?

Users can receive the files by recording the satellite TV stream and using Knapsack for Hope's free Extractor software to extract and view the embedded files on their Android mobile/tablet or PC device.



Conventional Home Satellite System


Access to File-Casting Channel


A USB Flash Memory


External Hard Disk


PC/Notebook with Windows 7 or later


OTG-Compatible Smartphone/Tablet with Android 4.4 or later


Download Knapsack's user manual for complete guidelines on installing the software, recording the datas stream, and opening content packages. 



Extractor Software

  • Available for Windows and Android Operating Systems

  • Is available in English, Persian, Arabic, and Spanish languages

  • Automatically detects the video stream in the flash drive

  • Provides the option to delete the recorded video stream after extracting the files

  • Automatically updates with package extraction

  • Opens the file viewer application upon finishing the extraction in the PC version



One Setup for All Users


Data hubs allow for easy content sharing. Instead of several satellite receivers, one setup can receive and stores data in a depository of of the entire received content, where all users in the community can benefit from by accessing through WiFi.