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Toosheh: A Daily Knapsack for Persian Speakers

Toosheh Channel is Beaming Signal to Iran, Afghanistan, and Neighboring Countries in the Middle East

The ingenious way Iranians are using satellite TV to beam in banned content
— Wired Magazine

Toosheh -knapsack in Persian- is the biggest File-Casting satellite channel worldwide and currently distributes content to Iran and neighboring countries. Using already installed home satellite systems, users receive up to 8GB of digital files otherwise inaccessible to them. Toosheh addresses current Internet limitations in Iran due to high cost, slow speed, and filtering.


ToosheH Channel Coverage

Population > 80 million

Youth population > 60%

Satellite Penetration > 70%

Internet Penetration ~ 68.5%


Channel Frequencies

YahSat East Band

Frequency: 11766

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 27500


Channel statistics

Software Downloads > 80,000

Reach ~ 150K Unique Users per Month

Average Data Sent ~ 5 GB per Day

Partner Publishers > 150

By broadcasting on its own satellite TV channel and distributing a piece of Windows desktop software that can decode that video stream, [Toosheh] sends thousands of Iranians a daily digital bundle of news articles, videos, and audio.
— Wired Magazine

Curated Content Packages

Toosheh broadcasts a curated package of handpicked files on a daily basis. The content provided to users is developed by prominent artists, media, entertainment, and educational organizations. Toosheh is currently partnering with over 50 publishers and content providers.

I think the idea behind Toosheh is brilliant. Using this method you can download Tor Browser, our video explaining Tor, and Tails within minutes—something that’s currently impossible with the internet speed in Iran.
— Nima Fatemi, Tor Project
I wonder what would happen if I had the chance to watch [the TED videos] when I was a teenager. I might have studied harder in college.
— Reza, a Toosheh user in Sabzavar, Northeast Iran
I am a transgender and I received your package on LGBTQ rights. It helped me a lot in my suffering. I am so grateful to you for the educational content.
— User in a small village in Fars Province