Fast, Inexpensive Data Transfer via Satellite and Digital TV


Knapsack satellite File-Casting technology allows digital content to be delivered to locations otherwise disconnected due to remote geography, censorship, frequent Internet shutdowns, or high Internet cost.


Information and communication technologies are at the heart of social and economic inclusion today. They have the power to break barriers and transform lives. Knapsack for Hope's File-Casting technology leverages common satellite equipment to deliver digital content without relying on access to the internet. Knapsack for Hope is driven by a belief that information exchange is a necessary building block of education, which ultimately improves the human condition.


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Satellite TVs Are Ubiquitous in Developing Countries

Knapsack Beams Data to Houses Through the Dishes


Why Satellite File-Casting?



  • No internet infrastructure is required

  • Available where no other communication method is available

  • Can correct data in severe conditions such as storms or jamming noise 


  • Receiving content is free for users

  • Most users already have satellite TV

  • Satellite installation cost is a fraction of yearly internet cost 

  • Cost of bandwidth doesn’t grow with the number of users 


  • Maximum data transfer rate is 25Mbps

  • Sending at least 20GB of data per day

  • 100 times faster than similar technologies 

  • Data transfer rate is increased with increasing bandwidth

Common Hardware

  • No hardware needed except common home satellite system

  • Similar technologies require expensive hardware purchase

  • Can use offline time of local TV channels for inexpensive data broadcast

I think the idea behind Toosheh is brilliant. Using this method you can download Tor Browser, our video explaining Tor, and Tails within minutes—something that’s currently impossible with the internet speed in Iran.
— Nima Fatemi, Tor Project

Curated Content Packages

Partnering with over 50 publishers, we send a variety of educational content developed by prominent media, entertainment, and educational organizations. 


Real Impact


Making a Difference Where it Matters Most!


Knapsack technologies have tremendous application creating digital data hubs in schools, libraries, refugee camps, communities in offline areas, and Anywhere education and information access is sought.


Schools & Libraries

Access up-to-date teaching resources and connect to an unlimited number of ebooks, wikipedia articles, and digital archives

Refugee Camps

Give residents access to daily news and educational resources

Emergency Response

Distribute real-time critical relief information in situations of crisis and network outage


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